Max Ferguson - Painter

“Time 2006” 36 x 36; Oil on Panel “My Father in Katz's 2005” 16 x 20; Oil on Panel “Shoe Repair Shop 2008” Oil on Panel 16 x 16 inches “Over The Boardwalk 1989” 30 x 20; Oil on Panel “Strand Book Store 2010” Oil on Panel 16 x 22 inches “Central Park Nocturne 2007” Oil on Panel 19 x 36 inches “Interiors 2009” Oil on Panel; 30 x 42 inches “Katz's 1993” Oil on Panel; 20 x 30 inches

"Hyper-detailed canvases grounded in Old Masterly technique… The paintings straddle the past and present by documenting a city that is perpetually erasing itself… His technique echoing masters like Vermeer." – Wall Street Journal

"The paintings of Max Ferguson stand apart from the current fads and fixations. Quietly contemplative in the tradition of Hopper, but has a mysterious edge that is Ferguson's alone." – Robb Report

"Eye-popping, exciting, serious, and challenging. The modern equivalent of a Vermeer." – The Huffington Post

"Meticulously rendered and thoughtfully composed paintings.." – Artnews

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